"I arrived at the beautiful cottage with my novel in disarray, chapters in draft, all over the table. Thanks to the peace, inspiration, fresh garden greens, fresh flowers, lavender scents, deer munching apples at my window, I leave with a finished manuscript and a nibble from an agent." Jane

"Your warmth, graciousness and generosity to grant us such a beautiful home during our time at PTFF will be always appreciated." —Port Townsend Film Festival 2013, guest director & writer

"It was lovely to stay once again in the serene surroundings of the painted garden—a perfect complement to the beautiful cacophony of jazz elsewhere in town. I felt like I was in Monet’s Garden at Giverny. With the stained glass fleur-de-lis accompanied by the scent of lilies, I’ve been truly enveloped in a world of flowers." —Steve

"What a wonderful way to begin our journey in Port Townsend—

The enchanting garden
The frog alarm
The feral deer
The wind and the rain
The cozy cottage"


"Five weeks in the painted garden! Heavenly! A cozy home for us to play, write, rest, and visit amidst flowers and cool breezes. Now I’m in love with Port Townsend!" —Andi

"A wonderful two month journey in this special cottage: peaceful, beautiful, convenient and cozy. Close to the Fort and excellent trails. Port Townsend is a sublime place and this is a great home base to enjoy it from." Mahalo, —Una

"Whose house this is I think I know,
Her own is catty-corner, though
Between the Fort and Froggy Lake,
On Lanes where water lilies do shake.
The town is lovely, quaint and fair,
But no more populous than you can bear.

A heart-felt thanks for providing this blissful, quiet, well-tended garden for our passage from here to Monterey." —Rob & Eileen

"The Painted Garden was a place of beauty which held me as I began my career in nursing. Gratitude will flow in the breeze, fall in the rain and beam through the rays of the sun in hope for others to come and enjoy this special place." —K. M.

"We leave this cozy magical cottage chock full of treasured memories here. The beauty and tranquility of your gardens have renewed our sense of well-being. The Fiddle Tunes Festival, the July 4th Beach Fireworks, the Tribal Canoe Landing stand out as highlights."—Carolyn & Bob

"I especially appreciated having the garden so beautifully maintained as gardens are a place for rejuvenation and peace." —Ruth